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A.I. in Construction: Trunk Text vs GPT4

Construction professionals constantly face challenges on the job site, ranging from managing vast amounts of project documents to ensuring efficient communication among teams. These challenges often lead to mistakes, confusion, delays, increased costs, and reduced productivity. Many construction professionals are turning to new AI solutions, as the need for streamlined processes and accurate information retrieval has become more critical than ever. Trunk Tools’ Trunk Text, an AI-enabled search engine designed to crawl through an organization’s project documents and provide precise responses to workers in the field. By leveraging this innovative technology, construction companies can save valuable time and money, enhancing their overall efficiency, accuracy, and project outcomes.

How does TrunkText Compare to ChatGPT?

Getting Started

To start with either ChatGPT or TrunkText, you must connect your relevant project files.  ChatGPT isolates these files into a single chat, which is not scalable across your organization. File uploads are limited to 20MB and can take a long time to upload, limiting your ability to ingest complex project documents. Lastly, updating your documents as you continue the chat is extremely challenging.

On the other hand, TrunkText makes getting the data very simple, shares them organization-wide, and does not have a size limit. Trunk Tools integrates directly with your document systems, like Procore, Sharepoint, Autodesk at the project level. Everyone can see exactly which project folders TrunkText has access to and configure permissions accordingly. 

Running a Query

In both TrunkText and ChatGPT, its simple to ask questions and run queries. Both tools reference your specific question and begin searching for answers.  ChatGPT has a website and smartphone application, while TrunkText is accessible via webpage and SMS text message. For simple queries, such as locating an HVAC schedule in project documents, both TrunkText and ChatGPT will search all documents available to locate the result.  ChatGPT will average 20 seconds for a query of this nature, highlight the result, and report the source document.  TrunkText averages 12 seconds for this same query and will highlight the specific reference inside of the source document.  Although this time difference appears small, the ability to go directly to the source to foster confidence makes a huge difference to professionals on-site. 

When asking ChatGPT for the most recent project document, it can only reference the documents you have specifically uploaded into your chat. TrunkText can review every project document at your organization to locate the updated documentation. 

TrunkText can also read details from blueprints, drawings, and other documents.  This provides another example of TrunkText’s construction-specific focus when comparing it to ChatGPT.

TrunkText vs. ChatGPT Comparison

While ChatGPT is popular, it is not optimized for the construction industry. With the inability to share documents across an organization, delays in uploading, and slow query times, TrunkText has ChatGPT beat. Setting up separate GPT conversations, user accounts, and uploading documents each time creates the exact headaches your teams are trying to avoid.  Documents should be uploaded once, and results should be transparent.

TrunkText automatically searches all your documents, makes sure that your results are the most up-to-date, and links you to the results directly inside the source documents. It is designed to be accessible and consistent for everyone on your team.  Most importantly, you can access TrunkText via webapp or text message, making it a field-friendly tool always at your disposal.  With better search controls and results, TrunkText effectively delivers the answers to any question.


It’s time to use AI specifically designed for construction workers in the field. TrunkText was built to search construction documents and get you the right answer in seconds. Your millions of pages of documentation: specifications, RFIs, schedules, submittals, change orders, and more, are all searchable in the palm of your hand. Improve your teams’ productivity and avoid mistakes by trying TrunkText today.

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