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Trunk Tools Announces Launch of TrunkText

A.I. Construction Technology

We are proud to introduce TrunkText, a game-changing, patent-pending, text message-based AI tool designed to transform the way construction professionals access critical project information. TrunkText saves workers one-two hours daily, directly contributing to our larger vision of solving the skilled labor shortage. TrunkText is our second product, after TrunkPerform, a tool that improves project time and budget outcomes by incentivizing workers to complete project goals. At Trunk Tools, we believe in a future where the construction industry is propelled forward by the power of AI, where skilled workers can return to what they do best – building with their hands.

The construction industry is inundated by thousands of pages of project documents, project specifications, change orders and RFIs. Finding the right information to answer crucial project questions has long been a daunting challenge, slowing progress and incurring high rework costs. For instance, a seemingly simple query like “What paint should I use for the lobby?” often triggers a laborious search through project specifications, RFIs, building codes, and change orders, causing unnecessary delays.
TrunkText does what is humanly impossible: In a $500 million dollar high rise project, there’s 120,000 project files with an average of 30 pages - a total of 3.6 million pages. A construction superintendent would take 50 years to read all of that information; TrunkText only needs seconds.
Dr. Sarah Buchner
CEO & Founder
Trunk Tools

Built for All Construction Professionals

We aim to solve this challenge with TrunkText. TrunkText is a text message-based AI tool and web app that is meticulously trained on a comprehensive range of construction data, such as specs, code, RFIs, contracts, policies, submittals, change orders, safety procedures, and inspection reports. By centralizing general and project-specific information, TrunkText will serve as a one-stop-shop for reliable information for construction projects and schedules.

With TrunkText, construction professionals can text any construction project-related question and receive accurate answers within just a few seconds. The system not only provides answers but also supplies links to the relevant documentation, ensuring transparency, trust, and peace of mind.
TrunkText is built on top of fast moving generative AI. Our engineers have worked hard to build an experience that leverages the best parts of LLMs, to empower your company with the tools to thrive in an ever-changing world.
Christopher Belsole
Senior Software Engineer
Trunk Tools
In a field as data-dense as construction, generative AI enables us to create experiences of near-magical simplicity. The natural language interface enables workers to ask questions in the exact same way they'd ask their foreman or super, and allows TrunkText to deliver the precise information they need the instant they need it
Greg Korn
Senior Product Designer
Trunk Tools

Save Time, Reduce Rework

While in stealth mode, we’ve partnered with project teams from top construction companies like DPR and Suffolk to use TrunkText. These pilots have proven invaluable sources of customer feedback from the project engineers, superintendents, PMs, and other tradespeople we aim to serve. Whether they’re building a high rise condominium or a cutting-edge biomedical facility, our pilot users have experienced time savings by using TrunkText to ask questions and find relevant documents. By building for and with our users, we’ve built a field-first tool that saves workers’ time.

TrunkText captures the power of generative AI and places it in the palms of the deskless workforce, a population often underserved by emerging technologies. By saving valuable time and reducing rework costs, our Trunk Tools products hope to empower construction teams to work smarter, more efficiently, and with greater confidence.

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